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A Story Behind MERACLE

With over 30 years of experience in Health and Women’s Health, Ms. Puspa has built strong connections with various layers of society, especially among women. It opened her eyes to the crucial role women play in family, married life, and within society. Imagine when a woman or a wife falls ill, many daily household tasks are left unresolved, from cooking and taking care of children to maintaining home cleanliness, and various aspects of childcare are neglected.

In facing this reality, Ms. Puspa feels compelled to bring about change. She wants to contribute to the well-being of both women and men, encouraging them to always prioritize health and take early action for the comfort of their bodies. When our bodies are comfortable, our overall mood tends to be more cheerful.

To realize this dream, Ms. Puspa has appointed a scientist with over 20 years of experience in researching plants and natural salves, Dr. Yasmeen Mohamed, as a Scientific Advisor. Discussions began two years ago when they met in Istanbul during the 2021 Halal Expo. Both agreed to create a product using natural ingredients, free from camphor and other synthetic minerals that may pose health risks when used over an extended period.

The first significant challenge arose when Dr. Yasmeen, also the Founder of the “Cancer Support Group – Fuel for Love,” was diagnosed with cancer in late 2022. Despite undergoing 16 chemotherapy treatments, her spirit remained strong to ensure the seamless production of the Meracle product. The initial 500 samples of Meracle were released in early 2023 to gather feedback from users, and thankfully, 99.9% provided very positive responses, with many eagerly anticipating the product’s official launch.

The second major challenge struck Ms. Puspa when she had to fight for her life, rushed to the ICU in March 2023. The hospital became her second home as she endured intense pain daily, still searching for the true cause of her ailment. Although struggling with mobility and self-care, in September 2023, doctors confirmed Ms. Puspa’s diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease.

Nevertheless, in the face of these successive trials, Ms. Puspa, confined to a wheelchair, and Dr. Yasmeen remained determined to produce the Meracle product, which was eventually launched in late November 2023. They believe that health is wealth for each individual. “Health is wealth.”


A healthy lifestyle provider that advocates health and wellness by producing natural, safe, and high quality solutions.


To be a trusted healthy lifestyle brand that strongly believes in natural, safe and quality products.

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Meracle – Its a Salve not a Balm

Introducing Our Exquisite Salve Collection!

Immerse yourself in the luxury of botanical goodness, as our salves deliver a symphony of benefits for your skin’s well-being.


Expel/remove wind from the body.

Reduce headaches.

Alleviate stress

How To Use

When experiencing a headache, apply it to the back of the neck, behind the ears, above the ears, or on the discomforted area.

Apply an adequate amount.

Usually, comfort can be felt after half an hour. However, individual reactions may vary.


Comforting | Calming | Alleviating